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“I don’t have any advice for the two of you right now – I just wanted to share with you how much I enjoy your Baby Blog – the pictures and Baby M.’s comments. I am so thrilled that you are so thrilled! Love you both.”Grandma Meissner

“Wear your hair in a ponytail as much as possible… then you won’t have to wash it as often when baby Meissner spits up!  Also, the triple paste diaper rash cream that you registered for works wonders– good choice.” – Angela Hewitt

“The most important thing I did  at the end of my pregnancy was listen to the people around me.  I felt very pregnant, and I should I was five weeks from my due date.  The ladies that work for me told me one night that I didn’t look so good.  I called my sister to come and check on me at work.  It was a good thing too because that was the night I had Tenley.  I didn’t realize that my blood pressure was through the roof.  I just thought how I was feeling was a part of the pregnancy.  So, I will be forever grateful that a bunch of people told me how awful I looked, otherwise I may not have the beautiful girl that I have today.” Kriste Meissner

“Pregnancy Advice – Hemorrhoids are a b#$%$, keep plenty of Preparation H on-hand at all times! Pregnancy is a time to take complete advantage of eating everything you have been avoiding to stay in shape….my kids are made up of chocolate, McDonalds, sour cream & onion chips and ice cream by the gallons! Parenting Advice – Enjoy the short-time you have before the baby learns to speak…..once they learn how to talk, they never shut-up and it just goes downhill from there for the rest of your life!! Advice given by the mother of a 9 year old diva who has the best hair ever and has eye-rolling down to a “T”, a 7 year old that is so damn OCD you would think he was Kates, and a 1 year old with toys worth millions of dollars, yet insists the best toy ever is the toilet……hhhmmm, maybe there is some truth to eating better while pregnant and how your kids turn out, OH WELL! There are certain things as a parent (and when I say parent, I mean the mother) that you do learn are over-rated once your little bundle arrives. Going to the bathroom – it is possible to hold it all day, showering – if it doesn’t stink don’t wash it till it does, supper at like 11ish at night is normal – right?!?! And of course sleep…it is possible to operate on little to no sleep. And at the point you are so exhausted that you ask the other parent….aka…the father, to get up just this ONE time in 6 months and he says no, I find offering to castrate them with your bare hands is great motivator to get them moving to take care of the baby! Welcome to the world of parenting…..suckas”Kim Meissner

“I’ve thought long and hard about this first tidbit of advice… so here it goes: “The gig is up… You no longer know everything.” And I mean that in the kindest way possible, babies are such a blessing… but they will turn your world on its end. You will want everything for them, worry about things you never thought of before, and want to save them from all downers (even themselves). I look at Roe and think “He truly is my heart, which has sprouted legs and arms and is now walking around outside of me.” You are about to receive the greatest gift in all of life. You are about to understand just how much your own parents love you. It’s humbling. It’s awe-inspiring. This will mean letting some things go… whether its color-coded closets or spotless kitchens… You must allow yourself to enjoy this little one… and evaluate what really really matters. I type this as if I have this all figured out, but I don’t. I only know neither of you will ever be the same, you’ll inheritly be better because you are about to face the biggest challenge your heart has ever encountered. I’m so happy for you both and hope to help however I can… though, if things go as they usually do with you two, I’ll be learning from you.” – Dawn Meissner

“When in doubt, listen to momma. Momma always knows best.”Ben “Shneebs” Smithart


2 thoughts on “Advice Etc.

  1. Kim you are so hilarious. People are looking me at work, as I laugh uncontrollably. Thank you for that. I love you.

  2. Thanks for sharing on Baby Meissner’s blog, everyone! Keep it up!! We need all the help we can get.
    We appreciate your comments, stories, advice, and whatever you call Kim’s post (just kidding, we love it all!), and enjoy reading (and sharing) the journey with you! Derek and I are very excited about our new little addition and can’t wait to meet him or her in October-ish.

    Love you all!
    Kate and Derek

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