I’m getting so big. At least that’s what Mommy & Daddy say…

The snow is gone, temperatures are going up, and Spring is almost here. I’m excited! Are you? Spring means more time outside, and no more mittens or snowpants. It also means time to ride my new bike (remember, I got a new one for Christmas?), and time to get Bruno back in shape – he gained at least 3 lbs. over the winter.  It’s also my last hurrah before 4K starts this Fall. Time flies, and I’m getting big… so, check out some of the latest “firsts” from the past couple weeks!

Madden’s 6th Birthday Party!  Transformers party theme.  One word – Awesome!

Party favors from Madden’s Birthday Party

Playing in Grandpa Meissner’s snow fort with my cousin Roe!  Grandpa & Grandma have A LOT more snow then us!?!

I asked Mommy to take a picture of me after swimming… just cuz.

Playing with my Minion fart gun that I got from Grandpa & Grandma Heppner



I’m Still Here. Just a Little Late.

Well, let me start by acknowledging that I am way behind in posts. I know it. I own it. I apologize for it. There’s been a lot going on with the holidays, the start of the new year, and… I’ll stop with the excuses. All I’ll say is that I know it’s been awhile. Let’s start with some pictures while I try to catch you up.

Christmas in Chili! Not the country (although, it would have been much warmer). Chili, Wisconsin at Grandpa & Grandma Meissner’s.

Christmas in Cameron at Grandpa and Grandma Heppner’s.

Grandpa and Grandma set up the garage for nerf wars!

Present time!

Daddy playing the with lighting on his camera. Great picture, Dad!

Christmas in Sun Prairie. That’s where I live!

Santa came while I was sleeping. It looks like Bruno waited up for him 🙂

I even got a brand new bike for Christmas! Santa left it downstairs for me to find.

January visits from Great Aunt Meg and Junior.

More January fun.

February fun with my best friend Reece.



Free play at swimming. We get the last 10 minutes of lessons for free play each month.

More February fun! Hard at work.

Cousin time at Knucklehead’s. Celebrating Daddy’s Birthday. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

My first Badger Basketball Game! I got Daddy tickets for us for his birthday!

Sleeping Bruno. Deep in dreams.

**Throw Back**


Hello, Winter!

I’m not sure where November went, but we’re officially almost mid-December. Tomorrow marks two weeks from Christmas! I can’t believe it, I’m so excited for presents, but…. I know Mommy and Daddy aren’t done Christmas shopping yet. Yikes!

Thanksgiving was busy for us. Daddy headed up early to Grandpa & Grandma Meissner’s to hunt, so Mommy and I got a lot of “chores” done around the house. And, of course, we also got some shopping in and made our way to Starbucks, frequently. Mommy and I went to Grandpa & Grandma Meissner’s too, and also Grandpa Greg & Grandma Linda’s over Thanksgiving. I got to play with all my cousins, and can’t wait to see them again at Christmas. The biggest news, however, was that Daddy shot a deer! A doe. I know, I can’t believe it either. Great job, Daddy!

I’m still in swimming and started gymnastics last month. My friend Reece is in the same gymnastics class, which is really cool. We do somersaults, walk on the beam, do half head stands, and a lot of jumping. It’s super fun, but swimming is still my favorite. Next up? T-ball or soccer!

Check out all the photos and videos from the past several weeks.

Playing in the playroom before swimming lessons.

Dave & Buster’s. Guess what? We’re getting one of the West Side of Madison so we won’t have to keep driving to Milwaukee. Whoot-whoot.

Helping Mommy with chores. I’m really good at vacuuming the blinds.

Practicing gymnastics at home. Doing my somersaults.

More gymnastics!

Fun with my cousins over Thanksgiving…

Daddy got his first deer! I’m still in shock. Way to go, Daddy!


More Fall (and Birthday) Fun!

It’s official now. Our days are short, it’s getting colder, and soon we’ll be seeing white flakes in the air. I don’t know if I’m ready, but winter is on it’s way… But before it comes, I need to have a little more Fall fun!  The past few weeks we’ve been busy planning my Batman Birthday Party, attended a wedding, went to my friend Reece’s birthday party (at the pumpkin patch), and went trick-or-treating! I guess you could say we’ve been busy, and now holiday season is approaching. Soon Daddy will be shooting bucks, Mama will be shopping, and I’ll be busy playing – which is really hard work!

Check out the pictures and videos from the past few weeks.

Cousin Jenna (and Dylan’s) Wedding

My friend Reece’s 4th birthday party at the pumpkin patch


Mom trimming up my hair in-between hair cuts so I’m handsome for my birthday party!

Batman Birthday Party Time – woohoo!

Time for Trick-or-Treating!

*BONUS* Slow Motion…


Happy Fall, Happy Birthday, Happy Fun!

Happy October, everyone!  I realize that I’m getting into a bit of a habit of not updating my blog very often… so, so sorry y’all!  I’ve been busy … Wednesdays I have basketball, Thursdays I have swimming lessons, and on the weekends (when we’re home!) Mom, Dad, and I try to have some fun!

If you’re wondering, I had an AWESOME birthday!  Mom made me Batman cupcakes to share with all my friends at daycare, I got a lot of presents (books, games, Legos, new shoes), we went to see the Lego Ninjago movie, played games at Dave & Buster’s, went to the pumpkin patch, and went to BW3 to cheer on the Packers and play games — super fun birthday weekend for me!

Check out all the other fun things that we’ve been doing the past month!  And… I’m looking forward to seeing most of you in a couple weeks for my Batman Birthday Party!  Don’t forget to wear your Batman gear.  I also hear that the Joker might try to crash my party, but don’t worry, I am Batman and will save the day!  Robin might even be there to help me.

Painting fun!  Making a picture for Miss Kelly and Mr. Chuck because they took me and all my daycare friends to the apple orchard in September.

Chillin’ with Bruno.  I think he was tired.  I know he loves me because he likes to snuggle with me.

Basketball!  Dad usually takes me to practice, but there were a few times Mommy was there too.  I think Dad is better at basketball than Mom – Shhh, don’t tell Mom!

Goofing around with Dad at Walmart.  It’s what we do.


My Batman cupcakes!  All my daycare friends loved them – Reece and I even got to eat two each!

Playing pew-pewers with Dad at Dave & Buster’s

At the Pumpkin Patch!  It was a dirty adventure.  We had to clean pumpkins, shoes, clothes, and the car when we got home.




All Fun and No “Labor” – Yeah!

Hope y’all enjoyed your Labor Day holiday… doing what it’s meant to do… relaxing, playing games (or watching games), and having some fun!  I certainly enjoyed my weekend – it was jam packed with fun, games, and people!  The Meissner’s came down to join us at the first Badgers game of the season, Taste of Madison, and to cheer on The Crew!

Check out some of the pictures and videos from the past weekend.

Most of the “Meissner Crew” at the Badgers game.  Mommy, me, Aunt Kimmie, and Mia stayed back because the game was too late for me, and Miss Mia managed to break her ankle at volleyball practice last week (ouch!)

Grandpa wearing glasses at night.  Only the cool kids are doing it 🙂

Taste of Madison on the square…

Time for the Brewers Game.  Playing “catch” while tailgating.

“Playing” with Madden.  I won!  The head on Madden’s fell off 🙂

Mama driving us all home… I needed to take a nap.  I was pretty tired.

*BONUS* A sneak peek on a couple “outfits.”  Who do you think I’ll be for Halloween?


Where Did August Go?

Another post, another month – I can’t believe it will be September on Friday!  Good-bye Summer.  Hello Fall.  What season do you prefer?


We traveled less in the month of August and had fun nearby.  We golfed, played at new parks, had more fun at swimming lessons (BTW – I start basketball next week!), and went to baseball games.  We also celebrated Grandma & Grandpa’s 40th Anniversary (which was last summer) by renting a cabin in Hatfield, WI near Lake Arbutus.

Check out our pictures and videos from the past few weeks!

Mini-golfing at Vietense…

Cheering on the Brewers!

Fun at Corn Fest in Sun Prairie!

Hitting the golf range before going to the Splash Pad

Playing at the DeForest Splash Pad…

Free time at swimming lessons.  I was a “little” excited and got in a “little” trouble with Max.  It was just an accident.

On our way to the cabin.  Bruno decided to sit on my lap!

Bunk beds!

Catching bugs with Grandma and my cousins

Finding some sticks for the fire at the cabin…

Going down by the pond to see a snake!  Grandpa took me because my Mommy and Daddy didn’t want to see it.

Going on a short walk to check things out

Morning #1 at the cabin. I think my cousins are tired.

Working on my pool skills

…and it was a rainy weekend, but we made the best of it.

Watching a movie on the top bunk with my cousins

Chillin’ … that’s a wrap!